Who will buy my Television Script?

Posted by Hans Tobeason on

Question: I have written a screenplay, which was a Finalist in a respectable contest. I think it would be good for television. While I know how to reach feature producers, agents, etc., I'm not sure how to contact places like Lifetime, Fox Family, etc. Do you have any suggestions?

Hans Tobeason: The fundamental problem here is that most legitimate outlets - such as broadcast and cable networks - do not make a habit of reading unsolicited scripts. In all likelihood, they will return a script unopened. The reason for this unfriendly behavior is simple - lawsuits. Thus, I believe that it is unrealistic to even attempt to submit your script directly to a network.

I believe that the answer to this question is embedded within it: instead of reaching 'feature producers, agents, etc', you need to reach _TV_ producers, agents, etc. (and don't forget managers). Agents are most often one and the same (TV & film), at least by agency (likewise managers). One resource for agents is the WGA West website at http://www.wga.org/ (click 'List of Agents' in the menu). An agent (or manager) has a well-defined and time-worn process for reaching buyers, although even here a lawsuit will sometimes rear its ugly head. Other resources include any of a number of professional directories available listing agents, managers, production companies, etc.

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