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"Thirty years ago I was the second customer at The Writers Store. I survived the experience, and so did the store. I keep coming back. Experience counts."

- David Seidler

There's a reason The Writers Store is still in business after 30 years, and it's the same reason any writer manages to survive that long: They figured out what they were good at and kept working hard to get better at it. The next generation of screenwriters, I'm sure, will find as I have, there’s really no other place like it.

- Steven Zaillian

"The Writers Store is the best place to go for software and supplies, but more than that it's just a great place to go for inspiration. Writing can be a very tough and lonely task. The Writers Store links you to other writers, other stories, that make the process easier and less scary."

- Simon Kinberg

"The Writers Store is a one-stop shop for all your screenwriting needs. They don't only have what you need but they know what you need... and what you don't. I wouldn't trust anyone else when it comes to the tools of the trade."

- Allan Loeb

“The Writers Store stocks every imaginable tool for the working writer: things to put in your hands, things to put in your head. They know what you need, how it works, and will explain it to you so that you can actually use it. Imagine that!"

- Robert McKee

“I’ve been working with The Writers Store for more than 25 years now. Even then, they provided invaluable support. Just purchasing my first computer (giving up my typewriter – talk about change), put my head in an ocean of doubt about what I should do or what I should buy. Then I finally surrendered, to what I didn’t know and trusted the Writers Store to set me up in the best and cheapest way. They did. And I’ve been coming back ever since.

Trust. I think that says it all. I trust them to help me make whatever decision I need to make. If I’m working on something and don’t really know what I’m looking for or what I need or want to move forward in the project, I come to The Writers Store because it’s through their expert guidance and factual knowledge about the art and craft of screenwriting, that I know they will guide me to what I need.

Thank heavens for The Writers Store!”

- Syd Field

"In my aspiring days, I knew I could always count on The Writers Store for any screenwriting book, magazine, software and other supplies. Not only they seemed to have everything for the writer and filmmaker, but their staff was very knowledgeable and always there for advice on the best product to buy or class to attend. There was nothing like it for writers.

Today, I'm still in awe about their physical store, their amazing website with lots of useful articles, and of course, their great staff, not to mention the great services they've developed over the years, like Writers University, the StoryLink online community, and the Screenwriting Pro software.

As an author and instructor, I'm proud to be associated with The Writers Store. They've been an invaluable resource for many years and I'm sure they will be for many more. All writers and filmmakers should feel lucky that they exist."

- Karl Iglesias, UCLA Extension Instructor, Author "Writing for Emotional Impact" and "The 101 Habit of Highly Successful Screenwriters"

"The Writers Store has been a key part of the writing and filmmaking scene since the advent of word-processors. It's the go-to place for both working professionals and aspirants. Really one-of-a-kind, I don’t know of an even remotely similar operation anywhere else, always ahead of the curve, there with the immediate, courteous, knowledgeable help I need, when I need it."

- Tom Sawyer, best-selling novelist, playwright, screenwriter, Head Writer/Showrunner of Murder, She Wrote, teacher at Writers University

The Writers Store is beyond just an invaluable resource for everything you always wanted to know about screenwriting and filmmaking. It has become a family of colleagues who will go to the moon and back to help a developing screenwriter find exactly what they need in terms of support. If it is an online class, an in store seminar or just a friendly chat to keep us writing, they are the go-to place for professional and emerging screenwriters around the world.

Thank you Writers Store for being there as a home for writers. You definitely care about each and everyone of us. My students and clients say that their careers have been greatly impacted through the extended community that you – Our Writers Store -- is committed to creating.

- Devorah Cutler-Rubenstein, writer/director, Adjunct Professor USC Cinema/TV and The Script Broker (r), a division of Noble House Entertainment, Inc.

Thank you so much for the extremely-helpful "The 25 Habits of Highly Successful Writers."

The articles and resources from WritersStore have put me through film school, so to speak, and I am extremely grateful for all the script-changing articles.

The people who answer your phones are a breath of fresh air: helpful, knowledgeable, intelligent, fun, quick-thinking, and creative. I usually hang up laughing. Wow!!

At some point, I'm going to gain the courage to "Facebook it" and send some positive comments your way.

- Emily Sharp White, Writers Store client

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