Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest with Simon Kinberg

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"I was incredibly impressed with the scripts, both the quality of the writing and the original takes on the concept. They really feel like movies." - Simon Kinberg

Want to know what the judges are looking for in the First 15 Pages? Click here to download the Finalists from this round of the contest.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner! Join us in congratulating Mary Krell-Oishi on her victory in the Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest with Simon Kinberg!

Mary Krell-Oishi’s script, “Secret Asian Man,” was selected by Simon and our panel of judges. She is soon to embark on her ultimate Hollywood experience, including lush accommodations at the Chateau Marmont, lunch at The Ivy with screenwriter Simon Kinberg, and one-on-one meetings with Industry insiders Benderspink.

“When I found out I had been selected as the winner of the Industry Insider Screenwriting contest, my knees literally buckled. I had to lean against the wall because the enormity of all the possibilities that had now been opened up hit me. Other contests offer certificates, trophies and cash prizes. This contest offers the opportunity for a real career as a screenwriter.” - Mary Krell-Oishi, Contest Winner

Mary Krell-Oishi and the other finalists took part in a 12-week mentorship program with The Writers Store’s Story Specialists, which came complete with personalized coaching and detailed Development Notes on their completed screenplays. See what they had to say about their Story Specialist experience:

“Being a finalist in The Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest is like taking part in an exciting screenwriting boot camp. It provides intense training in writing a solid original script on a deadline. The experience really whipped my writing process into top shape and opened my eyes to the professional world of screenwriting in which you are writing on a deadline and addressing notes. I walk away from the experience with a completed draft of my screenplay, confidence to write on assignment in the future, and lessons from my Story Specialist on the craft of screenwriting that I will apply to my next projects.” - Sarah Newman, Finalist

“I won’t write another screenplay without dropping $50 on 45 minutes with Anthony. Bottom line. Writing without that kind of professional support is a sign of someone not taking their craft seriously.“ - Araby Patch, Finalist

"I'm fortunate enough to have plenty of smart and generous friends who take the time to give great notes on my finished screenplays. However, the feedback and interaction I got from my Writers Store Story Specialist was something altogether different. Rather than wandering in the dark alone for several months, hoping I'm not crazy, hoping I'm not walking off any cliffs, wondering how what I'm writing will be perceived by another reader, my story specialist read what I wrote every week and provided me with key guidance, reactions, and suggestions to keep me on track and moving forward." - Alex Berger, Finalist

"To be honest, I was interested in the contest -- the challenge and the opportunity -- but I was initially skeptical about the Story Specialist sessions. So I was pleasantly surprised when the weekly meetings with my assigned specialist proved useful and inspiring beyond anything I could have imagined." - Jacob Snyder, Finalist

“I can confidently say that I've grown ten-fold as a screenwriter thanks to the mentorship with Anthony. Writing screenplays has an ongoing learning curve. So having someone as seasoned and talented as him pick apart my story and shine a light on how to constantly make it stronger was priceless.” - Leo Sardarian, Finalist

Want to complete your own screenplay in just 12 weeks or less? Sign up for sessions with The Writers Store’s Story Specialists now!

Top 10 Finalists:

  1. “Spy Dad” by Araby Patch - Hermosa Beach, CA
  2. “Max Barlow” by Sarah Newman - Lynbrook, NY
  3. “Secret Asian Man” by Mary Krell-Oishi - Yorba Linda, CA
  4. “Historia” by Leo Sardarian - Burbank, CA
  5. “Moscow Rules” by Jacob Snyder - Los Angeles, CA
  6. "The Chicago Incident” by David Steiner - Paris, France
  7. “Spyjacked” by Kenneth Lemm - Atlanta, Georgia
  8. “Untitled” by Yuri Shallan - Auburn, CA
  9. “Death Never Retires” by Bob Giordano – Nashville, Tennessee
  10. “Onu” by Alex Berger - West Hollywood, CA

Kudos go out to the talented finalists, who each received a copy of Final Draft 8, the professional screenwriting software for film, TV, and plays, along with a congratulatory letter from Simon Kinberg.

The finalists entered into a 12-week mentorship program with The Writers Store’s Story Specialists, which comes complete with personalized coaching and detailed Development Notes on their completed screenplays.

Congratulations again to our first set of finalists. We look forward to welcoming more exciting entries in our next round.

Contest Details:

  • Contest Begins: October 1, 2010
  • Early Submission Fee and Deadline: $40 to enter is before October 31, 2010
  • Standard Submission Fee and Deadline: $50 to enter is between November 1- 30, 2010
  • Contest Deadline: November 30, 2010
  • Finalists Announced: Late January 2011
  • Mentor Program Begins: Late January 2011
  • Mentor Program Completes: Late April 2011
  • Winner Announced: Early June 2011
  • Lunch with Simon Kinberg & Meetings: Mid-June 2011

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