Ideas for Breaking through Writer's Block

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A phone conversation with Linda Seger on the subject of Writer's Block ~~

'What happens with a lot of people is that they stay within their safety zone, always doing things where they're safe and secure. So I say go and do something where you don't feel safe or secure and see how you feel. See what you learn. So if you've never been to a Country & Western bar, go. Or take a flying lesson. Or take the train down to San Diego to see what it feels like to be on the train, who you see, what kind of people they are. You're learning how to be a sponge, to get more material, but you're also learning to be bold, to be constantly with your antennae out.

Also, you're learning feelings. In so many scripts I read, nobody feels anything. No one reacts to what is going on around them. If a person is not reacting, either she's emotionally dead, or you, as a writer, have not been putting yourself into situations that are forcing an emotional reaction from yourself.

Push your boundaries. Keep a journal and write about what you feel. What will happen is that you'll find your writing has become very lively because it's very immediate and connected to the present, your gut and your heart.'

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