Script University Film Virtual Conference Session Bundle

Script University Film Virtual Conference Session Bundle

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In this bundle, you will receive three OnDemand sessions from this year's Film Virtual Conference from three seasoned, screenwriting professionals. Three sessions to help you create characters, build tension, and everything you need to know about rewriting. This bundle is for all film genres. 

SESSION 1Developing Fascinating Characters
PRESENTER: Dave Trottier

Successful screenplays stimulate the emotions and imagination of audiences because they feature fascinating characters. This webinar provides powerful but simple tools that will guide you in creating engaging and involving movie people. 

Learn how to design characters from scratch and apply time-tested techniques in developing them into intriguing personalities, and start them on their respective internal and external journeys.

Dave Trottier is an award-winning teacher, in-demand script consultant, and author of The Screenwriter’s Bible—in a fun and liberating writing journey that will empower your creativity and excite you about your characters. 

SESSION 2: Mindset Strategies for Surviving a Rewrite
PRESENTER: Jenna Avery

Tackling a rewrite can be intimidating, especially if it involves major restructuring, a page one rewrite, significant overhauling to meet a producer's needs, or your current draft just isn't working. Whether you're writing on spec or on assignment, overwhelm, fear, doubt, and resistance can stop you from starting or even knowing where to start. Thankfully, there are some simple mindset strategies you can lean on to help yourself make the process just that much easier and take your rewrite all the way through to done.

Jenna Avery is a certified life coach, writing coach, and the founder of Called to Write — an online community and coaching program designed to help writers make the work of writing actually happen.

Jenna is also a screenwriter, columnist, and story consultant. As a storyteller, she specializes in sci-fi action, climate fiction, and space fantasy. She recently completed a script revision on assignment for a Canadian producer/director on a sci-fi feature and is currently drafting a new cli-fi project.

Jenna lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, two sons, and assorted cats and foster kittens, and writes about writing, creativity, and life purpose at

SESSION 3: Building Tension with Suspense vs. Surprise
PRESENTER: Bryan Young 

The information your audience has or doesn't have influences how they react to a scene. How can you leverage the ideas of suspense or surprise to create a more satisfying narrative? That's what this class from award-winning screenwriter Bryan Young will delve deeply into.

Bryan Young is an award-winning writer, journalist, and filmmaker. He's worked on numerous documentaries, including one the New York Times called "filmmaking gold." He co-wrote the political documentary Killer at Large about America's obesity epidemic and works daily doing documentary work for government clients. He writes frequently for /Film, StarWars.Com, Syfy, and others.

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