Writing Your First 1-Hour TV Script

Writing Your First 1-Hour TV Script

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There are more opportunities for writers in television that ever before. If you have ever watched a television show and thought to yourself 'I can write better than that!' now is the time to try your hand. With the tools and skills that you learn in this webinar you will be well on your way to writing your first 1-hour TV script.

Just because it's your first script doesn't mean it can't look professional. Kevin Arkadie will give you the insider knowledge that will help you make your script look like it was written by a seasoned professional. In addition he will give you the tips and secrets that helped him break into television as an unknown writer.

If you have always wanted to write for TV but didn't know where to start, this webinar is it! Get your feet wet and build your skills in just over an hour.


  • How to get started and make sure you finish your script
  • Choose the right story
  • Create an environment that will help you write
  • How to identify a network's 'brand'
  • Choose the right 'brand' for you
  • How to develop a character that can be identified with
  • How to mine the power of opposites
  • Be original without re-inventing the show
  • Ensure that your first script is solid the first time

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