Writing to Theme:  Finding the Universal Heart and Soul of Your Story

Writing to Theme: Finding the Universal Heart and Soul of Your Story

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If structure is the skeleton of a story, theme is its heart and soul. It’s the reason you wrote your story, assuming you meant to convey a compelling truth about the human condition. It’s what makes your story universal and what raises it above all those that simply entertain.

If you aim to craft a story that resonates emotionally with a global audience, join award-winning UCLA Instructor Karl Iglesias as he guides you through theme and how it unifies character and plot. You’ll learn why a clearly defined theme is the foundation of a great story, how theme is different from premise, motif or subject matter, and how to find it for your story. You’ll explore the most successful and often-used themes in classic and contemporary films, and apply effective approaches to tap into the thematic argument of your story and making sure it remains “invisible” throughout the story. With so many definitions and misunderstandings, this OnDemand webinar will demystify theme once and for all.


  • How to find the “truth” of your story
  • How to avoid being heavy-handed and preachy
  • How theme helps you develop plot and character
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes when committing to a theme
  • How to create compelling emotional dilemmas for your main characters
  • How to structure the emotional journey of your protagonist


  • Writers, directors and producers who want to understand what makes a great story
  • Writers who struggle with character development and arcs
  • Writers who want to bring more emotional depth to their stories
  • Writers who seek new techniques to make their stories more thematic
  • Writers who have had their stories rejected and don’t understand why

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