Writing the Web Series

Writing the Web Series

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Gone are the days of waiting for the phone to ring; your writing career is in your control when you write and produce your own work. Although you have the freedom as a content creator to write whatever you want, there are strategies you can employ to increase your chances of success.

Rebecca will share invaluable lessons from the trenches as a new media writer and producer, and from having interviewed many successful content creators for Script Magazine. You’ll learn how to write short scripts that pack a punch, how to keep costs down while keeping production value up, and how to increase your chances of building audiences on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.  

You’ll also get an overview of how to gain exposure and credibility as a writer through submitting to film and web festivals and online platforms.  It’s never been easier to create your own work, but learning how to be smart about it will save you time and money and propel your career forward that much faster. 


  • How to develop a compelling premise that will be the “engine” of your series for years to come
  • How to write “with your producer hat on” so you can afford to film your series
  • Tips and tricks for keeping an audience hooked
  • How to thrive within the constraints of YouTube
  • How to write for short attention spans
  • Ways to save money so you can film on the cheap
  • Web festivals and award shows you can submit to in order to gain exposure for your series and credibility as a writer and producer


  • Writers who want to take control of their destiny
  • Writers who want to be produced
  • Writers who want to show they can write for television
  • Writers who are looking for a way to jump start a stagnant career
  • Writers who have an interest in producing
  • Writers who want to attract an agent or manager with more than a query letter
  • Writers who want to build a loyal fan base
  • Writers who are tired of waiting for the phone to ring!

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