Writing the Low Budget Independent Movie

Writing the Low Budget Independent Movie

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The technical aspects of making modern movies and the cost to promote and distribute them can be incredibly difficult and daunting. However, huge new windows are opening, and opportunities are being created for the truly creative, ambitious, and daring writer. Buyers out there still need movies, desperately, and they are opting for the well made low budget feature film with high concepts.

DVD’s may have died, but there are dozens of new platforms to display movies, not just theaters and tv sets. There are Video On Demand outlets, Cable outlets, Streaming outlets, Webisodes. And they ALL need movies. They consume them like a T-Rex in Jurassic Park! Many actors, producers, agents, and managers are actively seeking new ways to get on film. They cannot count on the High Budget, Tentpole, Studio Based, Sci-Fi and Franchise movies to get their faces or their client’s faces on screen.

And that means they need new Low Budget Screenplays, Low Budget TV reality shows, and character-driven Low Budget Movie ideas. The studios own the big films, but many of the buyers cannot afford the price tag. Still, they need films, so they must turn somewhere! That explains the recent explosion in Low Budget Movie Production. Everyone with a 300-Dollar Go Pro, is getting into the act.

The key to success in this expanding world is to write and direct competent, professional, and hi-concept low budget films. This Webinar is designed to help you do exactly that.

The real difficulty for writers (until now) was:

  • finding those low budget, indy movie ideas
  • and figuring out how to write those specific ideas, and make sure they remained a low budget production.
  • that is why I have researched and created this Webinar.

Over the years I have written, directed, and produced many low budget movies. And I am about to start filming a new one this summer.

I know this world.

I know how to work in it.

I know how to prosper in it.

And I wish to share what I know and what I have learned after 15 years of working, surviving, and making movies in the intense and difficult world of Low Budget, Independent Production.


  • 10 Steps to Writing an Independent Movie Screenplay.
  • Finding the story lines that motivate Independent Investors.
  • How to write stories that attract significant talent to Low Budget Movies.
  • How to look beyond your story, to the actual Production Issues.
  • The secret keys to writing the low budget screenplay, that can help to assure Independent Production
  • Analysis of Successful Independent Movies like BLAIR WITCH and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY


  • Writers looking to break into the filmmaking business
  • Writers who want to make a low budget movie of 1 million dollars or less
  • Writers who want to learn what it takes to direct a low budget movie
  • Writers seeking ideas to generate a hit indy film
  • Writers who want to know the tricks to keep a low budget film on budget
  • Anyone with a cell phone and/or a Go-Pro camera!

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