Writing the Faith-Based Screenplay

Writing the Faith-Based Screenplay

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Whether you’re a person of faith or just interested in writing a story for the faith market, there are specific aspects unique to this market you need to know that will affect structure and content your script. The faith-based audience is finicky and the distributors are looking for certain things in the scripts they choose to produce.

Brad Wise and Rebel Pilgrim have been navigating this space since 2008 when Fireproof took Hollywood by storm. They’ve formed relationships with all the distributors in the Faith and Family market and understand its complexities. In this webinar Brad will speak from his experiences of steps you need to take to write not only a good faith-based script but also one that producers and distributors will jump on!


  • The first question a distributor will ask about your script.
  • Keys to writing a script that fits the faith market’s lower budgets.
  • Stories of success and failure from the trenches.
  • Inside tips on the types of stories distributors are currently looking for.
  • Practical advice about the faith audience.


  • Writers looking to start a faith-based script.
  • Writers looking to make a documentary for the faith market.
  • Writers wanting to learn more about the faith market.
  • Writers who want to adapt a true story.
  • Writers interested in knowing what distributors want.
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