Writing Partnerships: The Essentials to Finding Your Match

Writing Partnerships: The Essentials to Finding Your Match

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Filmmaking is a collaborative medium, and screenwriting is no exception. Many produced and successful scripts have been written by writing partners. But finding the right partner is as hard as finding the perfect spouse.

Jeanne has written with half a dozen partners in her career, some successful, some not. In this ondemand webinar, she shares with you the process of finding a partner, creating a workable relationship, and how to protect yourself in the process.

Learn the questions to ask while “dating,” the many writing processes of working with a partner, and what to do if the partnership goes sour. Numerous benefits exist by having a writing partner, but learning survival tricks before you commit may save the “marriage” from disaster.


  • How to find a writing partner.
  • Social Media platforms and tips.
  • How to vet a potential partner.
  • The importance of creating a healthy partnership.
  • What it means to your scripts and career to have a product written with another writer.
  • Using a partnership to maximize your success.
  • A checklist of what you need before you sign a collaboration agreement.
  • What to do if the partnership isn’t working.


  • Writers who are looking to collaborate.
  • Writers who respect the value of brainstorming.
  • Writers who have script ideas but need help implementing them.
  • Writers who need networking tips.
  • Writers looking for resources to learn the business.
  • Writers wanting to maximize pitchfest trips.
  • Writers who want to challenge themselves.

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