Writing Love Stories that Audiences Will Fall For

Writing Love Stories that Audiences Will Fall For

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Love may still be everlasting, but there are new obstacles facing writers (and characters) of love stories in the 21st century. In this OnDemand webinar, you will learn how to write love stories that connect with today's audience and how the classics have led to the present day stories. There are many different ways to bring characters together and tear them apart – we’ll discuss how one makes them cinematic. Love stories can often be clichéd, cheesy or unbelievable, disconnecting audience engagement and detracting from the story. But a strong love story with the right components can resonate around the world for generations.

Touching on classic love stories that have stood the test of time as well as contemporary breakthroughs in each genre, this webinar will identify the different types of love from romantic to unconditional friendship to familial and reveal how the greats in film and television have constructed unique, root worthy pairings. We’ll explore the tenets of strong, sellable love stories from chemistry to conflict, hooks to happy endings, meet-cutes to meat markets, and how love is expressed through powerful, memorable dialogue.

Take this OnDemand webinar to raise the bar on your love stories, enrich your characters’ interactions and connections, deepen the authenticity and relevance of your themes, expand your audience and increase your marketability.


  • The different types of love and how it has been expressed in film and television
  • The components of a strong love story and the 21st Century obstacles and trends
  • How to make your love story seem romantic in different cultures
  • The most powerful themes that typically resonate with different age groups
  • How your characters can be deepened by exploring their true love arcs
  • From the tiny, everyday minutia to grand gestures, how love can be expressed cinematically through action
  • Ways to express the exaggerated awareness of lovers
  • How to use location, time and setting as a storytelling framework
  • Creative ways to add love story subplots to other genres


  • Writers of all genres and formats who want to tell better stories
  • Writers trying to find the spine of a story they are beating out
  • Writers trying to enrich their rewrite with more emotional resonance
  • Film and Television Writers adapting classic romance literature or true life love stories
  • Directors, Actors, Producers and Development Execs who want to bring wonderful love stories from script to screen

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