Writing High Concept Screenplays That Sell

Writing High Concept Screenplays That Sell

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Today in the Hollywood trades: script sells for millions of dollars. You're thinking, “Why not me?” And you're right! Why not you?

Before you touch your keyboard, you’ll want to learn what types of scripts the studios pay millions of dollars for. Most likely, they are high concept screenplays. Think Pirates of the Caribbean and Toy Story.

In this OnDemand webinar, you will learn exactly what these screenplays are and what they aren’t. You’ll also learn what the studio expects from your script if they are going to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in it. Executing these movies takes craft, savvy, and know-how. Know the essentials for creating a high concept script from the start. Be on your way to writing a sellable script and, hopefully, a profitable sale!


  • The definition of a high concept script
  • Hook first, story second (and why) 
  • What genres to embrace and which to avoid 
  • The audience that every high concept script targets 
  • Why your script must be relayed in one sentence 
  • What is the one thing you must do before you type FADE IN 
  • Why PIXAR gets it right almost every single time 
  • Why aliens, ghosts, superheroes, superpowers, and vampires will make you rich 
  • The Johnny Depp/Will Smith/George Clooney Theory
  • It's ALWAYS about character no matter what the hook
  • Why your CONFLICT GEIGER COUNTER always must be click, click, clicking away


  • Writers who want to break into the business
  • Writers want to know the do's and don'ts of a high concept screenplay
  • Writers who are confused about getting their idea to a sellable concept
  • Writers looking for tips and tricks to learn craft and business

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