Writing for Animation: The Insider’s Guide to the Art and Craft

Writing for Animation: The Insider’s Guide to the Art and Craft

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Animation is a multibillion-dollar business, bigger than ever before. Even with this growth, animation has managed to hold onto its essential wonderment, the ability to transport viewers of all ages like no other popular-art form. But these unique rewards demand unique requirements, rules and responsibilities of the writer, and present unique pitfalls.

Roger S. H. Schulman has written for virtually every type of animation, from big budget international movies to DVD sequels to TV cartoons. During this live webinar he’ll reveal the bones of good animation writing. He’ll share the secrets of the best way to pitch your ideas, maximize the chances of getting your words onto the screen, and collaborate with artists, directors, and producers.


  • The keys to making your ideas work for animation
  • Creating characters that come to life before they’re drawn
  • The most common mistakes in animation writing and how to avoid them
  • The specific workflows of feature and television animation
  • The creative pros and cons of being an animation writer
  • How animated movies have changed — and how animation has changed movies


  • Writers considering whether to write for feature or TV animation
  • Writers who want to know more about how animated projects get pitched, sold, and made
  • Writers who want to know if their ideas would work best animated
  • Artists interested in learning more about how to write for their own characters
  • Writers interested in converting their live action pitches or projects
  • Writers who want to drill down into the finer points of animation writing
  • Writers who want to bring new life to their current writing
  • Writers who want to think or express themselves more visually

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