Write and Produce Your First Short Film...for Next to Nothing!

Write and Produce Your First Short Film...for Next to Nothing!

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Every great director started out making short films—and plenty of great screenwriters, too. Why not you?

You don't need a lot of resources. In fact, you probably already have most of the equipment. Now, you need a standout script with a compelling story, a memorable protagonist, and an unforgettable hook.

Timothy Cooper got his start shooting shorts, and will show you how to use the tools you have around you to put your vision on the screen. The emphasis will be on writing the best script possible to fit the locations you can get access to, and finding alternate ways to show big ideas on next to no budget. You’ll make sure your script is absolutely ready to shoot, and competitive within the crowded short-film arena.

The course will first focus on building your concept and writing a powerful short script, then move on to the basics of producing, budgeting, and directing. Before you know it, you'll have all the tools you need to get started, from how to write strong hooks, action, dialogue, and conflict, to basic budgeting, to casting, shooting, and editing. You'll be ready—okay, at least much closer to ready—to share your vision with the world!


  • How to pick and hone a story that sets you apart from the rest of the films on the circuit
  • Add a unique twist to your script for maximum impact
  • Begin and end with an arresting image
  • Discover resources—sets, wardrobe, actors, equipment—you didn't even realize you had
  • Prep your script for shooting by reducing the big-budget elements
  • Determine your goals and use your film to market yourself
  • Develop a visual style to cover the budget you don't have (and still make it look good)
  • Understand the producer’s and director’s responsibilities


  • Screenwriters looking to break into the marketplace as directors
  • Writers sick of seeing their scripts not made
  • Actors who want to star in their own project
  • Those who want to demonstrate proof of concept for a longer feature
  • People from all walks of life who have a strong story that might not make it to the screen otherwise
  • Creators with a burning idea that needs to be seen to obtain crowd-sourced funding
  • Writers of any level who just want to see their vision on film

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