What Literary Agents Can, Cannot, and Will Not Do

What Literary Agents Can, Cannot, and Will Not Do

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Literary agents are like anyone else. Some are efficient, connected, and clear communicators. Some are not. Brad Schreiber takes the writer’s side in examining the best ways to work with agents, managers, and attorneys.

This webinar will discuss the operations of literary agents, what pitfalls the writer should avoid, and how to ideally find and work with agents.

Agents at conferences will tell you what they want from writers. But what should you expect from them? And what should you be cautious about? This is the only course ever taught that takes the writer’s side and includes guerrilla tactics to get the best responses from agents.

It’s also the only course taught by a writer who has worked in books, TV, films, and theatre. Thus, writers in all media will benefit and have their particular issues addressed.


  • The difference between literary agents for books, TV, and film
  • When to use a manager or attorney instead of an agent
  • What agents want to hear from you
  • What you want to learn about a potential agent
  • Guerrilla tactics for expediting responses from interested agents
  • Using recommendations to get representation
  • Ideal written communication with an agent
  • Ideal verbal communication with an agent
  • Tips on creating the optimal query letter
  • Resources for finding agents, managers, and attorneys for your work


  • Writers who live outside of L.A.
  • Writers who have a script ready and want to know the next step
  • Writers who have a book manuscript or proposal ready
  • Writers who need networking tips
  • Writers looking for their first agent, or a new agent
  • Writers wanting to maximize pitchfest trips
  • Writers who need to improve communication with a current agent
  • Writers who want to learn more about how agents operate

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