Web Series Pilot Creation

Web Series Pilot Creation

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Interested in creating your own web series? Every web series needs to start off with a great pilot. This tutorial will explore how to write a web series pilot that creates memorable characters that jump off the page, and introduces enough conflict to power multiple seasons of a web series.

In addition, you’ll also learn what a narrative web series is and what the differences are between different types of web videos, with examples for you to watch later. You’ll learn how to appropriately structure your pilot, the appropriate length for a web series pilot, and the key ways in which a web series pilot needs to differ from a TV pilot. You’ll then learn how to set up your pilot episode to have a fantastic cliffhanger to inspire views on the rest of your series.

If you’re planning on shooting your web series, you’ll learn tips and tricks for “writing with your producer’s hat on” and keeping your budget low enough so you can actually film your pilot yourself. Finally, you’ll be given helpful marketing, advertising, and distribution tips, including how to write to the correct demographic for your project, and steps you can take to make sure that the right audience discovers and watches your series.


  • How to write a web series pilot
  • Create memorable characters
  • Introduce enough conflict to power multiple seasons of a web series
  • Finding the right audience for your web series

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