Unlock James Cameron's Blockbuster Formula

Unlock James Cameron's Blockbuster Formula

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James Cameron captures our imagination like few other writers or directors today. From Aliens and The Abyss to True Lies, Terminator 2, Titanic, and Avatar, he is a hit-making machine in nearly every genre—especially sci-fi.

Whatever genre you're working in, analyzing Cameron's work unearths universal rules that all writers can benefit from. We'll learn how to craft a narrative that puts unique characters into extraordinary, tension-packed situations. You'll soon tap into Cameron's unparalleled sense of creativity and wonder to bring your own script to the next level.

Timothy has written, ghostwritten, consulted on, and script-doctored screenplays for a huge range of writers and production companies nationwide. Now, he's compiled dozens of examples to help you envision the most visual, futuristic, and stunning version of your sci-fi, fantasy, or drama.

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We'll quickly break down how to:

  • Open with a bang
  • Build the worst day of all time—then make it even worse
  • Envision never-before-seen action sequences
  • Invent memorable catchphrases
  • Use iconic recurring imagery
  • Perfectly intertwine plot, dialogue, and theme
  • Streamline fight and chase sequences
  • Camouflage backstory with action
  • Take your protagonist down into the abyss

...and many other Cameron-esque techniques. 

You'll see Cameron's films in a brand-new light. Do you have the next Avatar on your hands? With this class, you'll be well on your way!


  • Build a unique vision on the page
  • Concisely detail a new fantasy or sci-fi world
  • Plot a shocking revelation at the midpoint to keep things fresh
  • Use structure as a tool for creativity, not a jail for conformity
  • Create a sense of dread through atmosphere-building
  • How simplicity comes before logic, but both are possible
  • Hook readers with constant reversals of expectations
  • How much detail is too much—and how much is just enough for clarity
  • Create meme-worthy dialogue snippets
  • Seed information early on that echoes tragically later in the story
  • Stun with your climax...then heap on with a secondary tragedy


  • Creators who want to take their writing to the next level
  • Screenwriters attempting sci-fi or fantasy for the first time
  • Visionaries eager find a new perspective on an older story
  • Brand-new writers hoping to understand what separates blockbusters from wannabes
  • More experienced writers looking to gain their first agent or manager
  • Filmmakers who have great ideas, but whose unconventional structure has confused readers
  • Artists starting a new screenplay from scratch, who want to make a bulletproof outline before moving to the next stage
  • Anyone hoping to strengthen his or her storytelling, even in other mediums

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