Transmedia – Producing a Web TV Series

Transmedia – Producing a Web TV Series

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Shooting and distributing a micro-budget web TV series is one of the best ways to introduce your story to the market for the first time, build an audience, generate buzz, and ultimately attract the attention of Hollywood producers. Whether you are looking to make a splash in TV or film, this is a way to make a name for yourself and prove your writing abilities to an unlimited audience.

In this exploration of low-budget video production, you’ll see how digital pioneers are changing the way we tell stories and reshaping the film and television industry. The focus is on developing an episodic story with transmedia elements.


In this comprehensive seminar, you will learn how to:

  • Rewrite your script to fit the requirements of a low budget production
  • Get corporate sponsors to pay for your web series
  • Raise money from Internet crowd funding sites
  • Put together a budget for your production
  • Select and inspire actors and key production crew even if you have little or no money to pay people up front
  • Buy or rent the right video, audio, lighting, and grip equipment
  • Avoid the most common problems that sabotage first-time producers and filmmakers
  • Maximize production value on a tight budget
  • Stage the scene properly and get sufficient shot coverage to make editing easier
  • Create immersive, interactive entertainment experiences for target audiences

Using real world case studies and proven strategies you can implement right away with your own projects, the instructor will show you everything you need to know to get started on your web series.


  • Writers looking to make a name for themselves
  • Writers who are more established looking to explore the next big thing in movies
  • Writers looking for tips on financing their projects
  • Writers who want to understand how the internet can be used to promote one’s creative work.
  • Writers who need help understanding how to gather a cast and crew.

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