The Ultimate TV Pilot Structure Toolkit

The Ultimate TV Pilot Structure Toolkit

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Daniel Calvisi has been teaching TV pilot structure for years, but never has he taught both 1-hour and 30-minute structural templates at the same time.

Until now.

This OnDemand webinar is the culmination of years of story analysis and interviews with TV professionals. Calvisi’s Story Map method will help you understand and execute the structure used by professional TV writers in Hollywood today. These techniques can be taught to any writer, even those attempting their first pilot script. This material is the ONLY source you will need to understand how to map out your pilot. It can also be used to break down and analyze existing TV shows to see what makes them tick.

For a TV pilot to stand out in today’s incredibly competitive market, it must have the rock-solid structure that is looked for by every manager, agent, producer and network executive in the business. It must be the proper length and have act breaks in the correct page ranges. The fastest and most user-friendly way to build this foundation of dramatic elements is with the Story Map. The Story Map can break down a 1-hour drama, 30-minute sitcom or half hour dramedy into its most crucial, necessary attributes and signpost beats of action.

Working examples will be cited from several current, hit TV shows, as well as classics from the past decade, our new Golden Age of Television. No principle will be cited without a real-world example. If you’re looking to build a better pilot, this is the toolkit you will need.


  • How to identify the best format and structure for your pilot concept.
  • How to choose the ‘type’ of pilot to write.
  • How to create the proper foundation for your story.
  • The 15 core elements, 4 story engines and 25 signpost beats of the professional pilot.
  • How to use the industry-standard Teaser-plus-3, 4 or 5 structure for your drama, sitcom or dramedy.
  • Best practices for outlining and writing your pilot.
  • How the pilot affects the first season, and vice versa.


  • Writers who have a good idea for a TV series but need a roadmap to follow.
  • Writers who need help with structuring their TV pilot and series.
  • Writers who have written a pilot but know it can use stronger structure.
  • Creatives looking to develop their own talent-driven material to boost their careers.
  • Producers and network executives who are looking for more insight into how to determine if a pilot is fit for acquisition and production.
  • Staff writers looking for a simple, clear working method to bang out new material in their free time.

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