Create a Great Half Hour Cable/Streaming Comedy Pilot

Create a Great Half Hour Cable/Streaming Comedy Pilot

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Streaming services and cable networks are offering new half hour comedy series all the time. The best of them offer strong characters, great humor, a fresh point of view, and compelling story development. All the fundamentals of screenwriting will apply. There is great freedom and, most often, a solid use of the standard sitcom formula throughout.

This class will help you to imagine out your own show and present the creative structural methods in successful series scripts. It will teach you to analyze your favorite shows and understand how to use that knowledge in your own script.


  • Discover how the half hour cable or streaming comedy pilot script is constructed, piece by piece
  • Learn the current trends in the comedy realm—what's selling NOW!
  • Understand how the character comedy/plot balance works
  • 10 steps to brainstorm and write your show
  • Intimately understand the structure of the half hour comedy


  • Intermediate-advanced writers
  • TV Writers
  • Feature Writers
  • Novelists
  • Media Executives
  • Fans of Comedy
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