The Real World of Reality Television Writing and Show Creation

The Real World of Reality Television Writing and Show Creation

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Sitting on a great idea for a reality series? Curious about how a reality show’s story department turns weeks or months of source material into a tight, engaging story? Already achieved success in traditionally scripted television and wondering how your credits will translate?

In this OnDemand webinar taught by producer and author Troy Devolld, you’ll learn just what it takes to break into one of television’s most popular genres as a working member of the story team or as a show creator.


  • How the story process works from pre- to post-production
  • Why conflict is critical to the success of a show (and why “conflict” entails more than just cast members getting into blowout fights)
  • How to pitch your show, and who to pitch your show to
  • Why some brilliant show concepts don’t sell, but yet some real “head-scratchers” do


  • Writers interesting in the world of reality television
  • Writers wanting to fine tune their reality / show project 
  • Anyone who would like to know more about the story process
  • Writers that would like tips on how to pitch
  • Anyone wanting an inside glimpse into reality television
  • Professionals in other disciplines curious about reality production
  • New Execs or Assistants who want to know more about the show and story process

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