The One Hour Drama: How to Structure An Episode In Detail

The One Hour Drama: How to Structure An Episode In Detail

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The hour-long form is THE most vital TV story right now, and learning how they all work will vault you ahead of the competition - the patterns here are almost never taught, especially in this straightforward, deep, detailed way.

Learning how to construct the 28 beat of all great TV drama and how they fit into a four-act structure is the vital workhorse of nearly all hour story writer's rooms. Peter introduces you to that world in this webinar and takes you through how some of the greatest TV writers have created the very best stories using this form. But these secrets and forms don't often get taught in school. Using big recent hits like MR. ROBOT, STRANGER THINGS, PEAKY BLINDERS, Peter teaches you by vivid example just how hit hour-long drama works.

Peter Russell's students have created TV dramas like MR. ROBOT (Best New Drama Emmy 2015), and Peter's story doctoring skills have made him a legend in Hollywood. He is currently teaching at UCLA's Entertainment Division of the Extension School (Teacher of the Year), and is Professor of Screenwriting in 2016-2017 at Pepperdine University's Seaver College MFA program.


  • The ABCDEF plotlines and how to weave them in all hour long drama
  • Creating the dynamic Beat that will rivet the audience
  • How dramas like MR. ROBOT, STRANGER THINGS, and PEAKY BLINDERS work
  • The power of core wounds in TV heroes
  • Why writing a spec pilot no longer gets you hired in TV
  • What story DOES get you hired right now in TV


  • Writers moving from film to TV
  • Producers wanting to learn TV drama structure and secrets
  • Editors who want to understand TV Beat patterns
  • Creators who have a fabulous TV premise but are stuck at the beginning
  • TV pros who want to move into the hour long form
  • Movie screenwriters who want to turn their films into 'closed end' mini-series
  • Writers with great pitch ideas but no idea of storyline or genre patterns
  • Creators who want to 'break their A story logline' to sell their work
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