The Hidden Patterns of the New Hit TV Hour Pilot Stories in 2018

The Hidden Patterns of the New Hit TV Hour Pilot Stories in 2018

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TV is on fire, with literally a thousand shows going into production in the next several years. To create original content in this kind of market, you first need to understand what this roaring market is looking for and how things have changed. It's more than 'specs are out, and pilots are in.' It's about particular structures and characters and their stoyrlines. This webinar shows you those new structures and characters—and much more.

Creating an original pilot in a serial show is different from a mini-series pilot. This webinar will talk about both—and show you the big powerful engines at the heart of them. There are also are different kinds of loglines for these different kinds of TV stories.

Peter Russell has sold two TV pilots in 2017, and is consulting on several TV projects right now. He's a longtime story doctor in Hollywood who not only teaches (teacher of the year at UCLA in 2008) but also sells in today's television market.


  • The big patterns of the new TV pilot.
  • Creating truly original characters (it ain't about plugging things into a 'chart').
  • Everything you need to pitch a TV series (it's more than a pilot).
  • How to use your movie screenplay expertise in TV (the switch CAN be made).
  • The single structure you'll need in EVERY pilot, hour or half hour or mini-series.


  • Writers who are creating their first pilots.
  • Experienced TV writers who want to learn how to make their pilot better.
  • ANY TV creator who wants to understand—deeply—the pilot form.
  • Producers who need to understand how to improve their projects.
  • Writers transitioning from film to TV (your existing project can work).
  • Editors who want to understand how and when crescendos occur in the story.
  • Beginners who want to move fast in developing the kernel of their story idea.

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