The Character-Driven Drama: Write Parts Actors Love

The Character-Driven Drama: Write Parts Actors Love

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  • Are you trying to get noticed by major actors, directors, and producers?
  • Do your scripts contain great ideas, but just aren't placing in contests or fellowships?
  • Are you writing a “high-concept” film (comedy, thriller, sci-fi, drama, fantasy, horror, etc.), but people keep saying it's missing something?
  • Do some of your characters fall into cliches or stereotypes?
  • Are you having trouble finding enough for your characters to do in Act II?
  • Do people struggle to connect with your story or theme?

Trust us: The key is character. No matter what genre you're writing, if your main character isn't real, flawed, complex, and unique, it will be seriously difficult to get your script noticed and produced.

Critically and commercially acclaimed films don't rely on high concept or intriguing plot alone. Those are all useless without organic, unique, fascinating characters that A-list actors want to play, and top directors want to direct!

We'll reveal the secrets to building bold, flawed, truly memorable protagonists that every director, actor, and studio wants—then constructing your plot organically from those characters' needs.

Consider Walter White, Erin Brokovich, Michael Corleone, Forrest Gump, Simba, Gregory House, Clarice Starling, and Wall-E. By analyzing some of the most indelible characters throughout film and TV history, you'll understand exactly how the plot grew naturally out of those characters' issues—not the other way around.

After taking this OnDemand webinar, plot twists and story turns will become a snap. You'll be able to craft stories that get the industry's attention—all on the basis of your powerful, A-list-worthy characters!


By the time you finish this class, you'll know how to:

  • Build a unique protagonist with an unusual hook and flaw
  • Develop a true underdog to win the audience's sympathy
  • Create a lead that major actors will want to play
  • Write an entrance scene that grips our imagination
  • Brainstorm rich, complex characters that make the reader care
  • Construct dilemmas and conflicts organically, stemming from your character's central needs
  • Build a major want for your lead that drives your plot
  • Raise the stakes on your characters at every turn
  • Avoid stereotypes by creating fully drawn, realistic characters
  • Pinpoint a fascinating want that forces the lead into an epic journey that appears impossible!


  • Writers seeking new techniques to take their script to the next level
  • Visionaries eager find a new perspective on an older story
  • Brand-new writers hoping to understand what separates blockbusters from wannabes
  • More experienced writers looking to gain their first agent or manager
  • Filmmakers who have been working on one story for ages, but have gotten mired down in the details and don't know how to move forward
  • Writers in the outlining phase who want to strengthen their story before taking the next step
  • Anyone looking for a fresh perspective on their own story
  • More experienced writers who know their script isn't breaking through, but aren't sure why
  • Those looking to punch up an existing screenplay
  • Anyone who is eager to strengthen their characters, dialogue, action, and storytelling
  • Screenwriters who are looking to write a script that goes viral
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