The Beats Of ALL Hit Movie Stories: Essential Moments Your Script Should Have

The Beats Of ALL Hit Movie Stories: Essential Moments Your Script Should Have

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Many writers may be sure that they have a great story but know there is something missing in the plot. Perhaps there are great characters, but they remain stagnant. Perhaps you don't quite know where the story needs to lead next. Or perhaps your screenplay keeps getting rejected. In this webinar, You will have tangible, step-by-step instructions on how to develop a strong story for your screenplay. By analyzing how hit movies increase conflict and tension at just the time the audience expects, you can learn how to use the “Beat” of your story to resolve plot points in ways that satisfy your audience.

This does not mean we will teach you how to write boring, clichéd, plot-driven tales. Understanding the Beats of Story will help you be original. You can let go of needing to know what happens next and instead think of the most exciting, unique solution to the story’s next moment.


  • How to construct your plot around essential beats
  • How to avoid boring and clichéd plots
  • Writing great plot to match your great characters
  • Ways to inspire your screenplay and take it to the next level
  • Ways to adapt content into a screenplay


  • Writers who have had their screenplays turned down
  • Writers seeking to inspire their scripts
  • Writers seeking to understand the core elements that make a script successful
  • Writers who want to find innovative ways to tell their story

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