Structuring the Bulletproof One Hour Pilot Script

Structuring the Bulletproof One Hour Pilot Script

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Pilot season used to be just a few months each year.  Now thanks to cable, the Internet, and channels such as Netflix, pilot season never ends.

The big opportunity for screenwriters has shifted dramatically from film to television, and there is no better way to get in the game than to have written a professional, bulletproof one hour pilot script.

In this OnDemand webinar, award-winning television producer, screenwriter, and author Jeffrey Alan Schechter will show you how to structure the bulletproof one hour pilot script, teaching you a system you can use immediately to make your scripts professional and memorable.

Even if your interest is in writing half hour scripts such as sitcoms and family shows, the same system and principles apply.

Also Included:

  • CSI:NY Breakdown (Season 5, Episode 22) -  This is a very clean Teaser/4 Acts breakdown of an EPISODIC show.
  • NCIS Breakdown (Season 5, Episode 7)  - One of the most popular shows on broadcast, this episode uses a Teaser/5 Act structure.  Even though we didn't discuss during the webinar, the 5 Act format is perfectly acceptable if you feel it will work better for your idea, and doesn't differ from the 4 Act template in any appreciable way, except to split Act 1 of the 4 Act template into two parts.
  • BREAKING BAD Breakdown (Season 1, Episode 6) - Some of the best writing on TV, this is an excellent example of a SERIALIZED show.  You'll see it follows the Teaser/4 Act structure but with heavy character development which you can do more freely in a serialized show than in an episodic series.
  • BLANK STRUCTURE TEMPLATE - 1 Hour, Episodic, Teaser/4 Acts
  • BLANK STRUCTURE TEMPLATE - 1 Hour, Episodic, Teaser/5 Acts
  • BLANK STRUCTURE TEMPLATE - 1 Hour, Serial, Teaser/4 Acts

Jeffrey Alan Schechter has been beating up stories for over twenty years. He is a WGA, WGC, Emmy, and BAFTA nominated writer, a Gemini award winning producer, director, a million dollar spec screenplay writer, and the developer of the storytelling muscle that is Mariner Software’s CONTOUR story development program, formerly The TotallyWrite Development Suite. In publishing, Jeff is a cofounder of the award winning ebook publisher PadWorx Digital Media, and his book “My Story Can Beat Up Your Story!” was published by Michael Wiese books in March 2011.

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