Story Mapping the Complete First Season of a Television Series

Story Mapping the Complete First Season of a Television Series

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So you’ve written a pilot, but have you considered how the subsequent episodes will play out? If you’re putting together a pitch or a series bible, you will need to put a lot of thought and craftsmanship into the major arcs and beats of your first season. Once you know your beginning and your ending, you can engineer what comes between, using successful series as templates for your outline.

Using case studies from well-known series on cable and streaming networks, best-selling author and professional Story Analyst Daniel Calvisi will break down how to map out a complete first season using his Story Maps method, using examples from current and classic series to show the process in action. The many shows cited will include BETTER CALL SAUL, I’M DYING UP HERE, OZARK, MINDHUNTER, SMILF, ATLANTA and BARRY. Breaking down their pilots and subsequent episodes will reveal structural patterns and best practices that you can use to aid your own writing.

Many decisions will go into your first season outline, and it can seem overwhelming. This webinar will walk you through the process in a clear, concise way, and break this huge job down into smaller, more manageable tasks. You will learn techniques like building out the world, advancing character arcs and lines of action, expressing theme in action, developing villains and allies and using cliffhangers to suck in and hold your audience.


  • How to map out the first season of a TV series.
  • The difference between network, cable and streaming seasons.
  • How to use Theme to build dramatic elements and plot points.
  • How to develop and pay off character arcs.
  • The relationship between the pilot and the following episodes.
  • How to link the pilot episode with the first season closer.
  • How to define key character types, such as Shadow, Antagonist and Dynamic Ally.


  • Writers who are writing their first pilot.
  • Writers who have written a completed pilot but need help with outlining a full season.
  • Writers who want to expand their vision from just a pilot to a full season.
  • Writers working on pitches, bibles and outlines for their TV series.
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