Spec Market 101: How to Sell Your Script

Spec Market 101: How to Sell Your Script

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The spec screenplay market is constantly evolving. As a screenwriter, it pays to be aware of how the sale process works, who the most active buyers are, and what types of projects are selling today. Spec market activity in 2017 has hammered home the point that that - not only are there more spec script buyers than ever before - but independent film is on the rise! THE POST, TO THE BONE, CHAPPAQUIDDICK, and I TONYA all started out as spec screenplays that were sent out last year. The same is true for several of 2017's commercial successes, including AMERICAN MADE, LEATHERFACE, THE BABYSITTER, BRIGHT, and THE HITMAN'S BODYGUARD.

We'll go over a couple of these case studies, and provide an overview of how spec sales happen, who the top-selling managers and agents are, and who's buying up all the material. We'll also discuss what a "salable" spec project looks like (versus just a good writing sample), and how your "brand" as a writer should play into your early career.


  • What the odds are of selling your script. Whether it's worth writing "on spec."
  • How to "write for the market"...or if that's even a thing.
  • What it means to have a "brand" as a screenwriter, and if that should play a role in strategy.
  • How feature specs come to be made, and the general process of having your material sent to buyers.
  • Why agents and managers are a critical part of the spec sale process.
  • Who the top-selling management companies and agencies are when it comes to feature specs.
  • Who the top buyers are for feature spec material, both studios, and independent buyers.


  • Any writer interested in writing feature films.
  • Independent producers.
  • Writers who want to know more about the business side of film.
  • Writers who want to hone their brand and strategy.
  • Writers who might want to make their movie themselves.
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