Script to Novel: Double Your Odds of a Sale Webinar

Script to Novel: Double Your Odds of a Sale Webinar

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Today’s screenwriters are finding fewer opportunities to take their creative work to the film industry and even less opportunity to stay attached to their work when bought. Yet, even in such times, under such circumstances, options and strategies exist to develop and advance a screenwriter’s career—perhaps the best being novelization.

Published novels and non-fiction books stand a much better chance of getting read by Hollywood for source material than spec scripts in today’s market — and a published author stands a better chance of staying attached and getting that “screenplay by” credit when their book is optioned by Hollywood.

Now, determined to find their audience and another way to the silver screen in a tight economy, screenwriters are learning that having both a novel and screenplay version of their story makes them more attractive to Hollywood than ever, increasing their odds of a sale in both literary and film markets. 


  • How to showcase your story-telling strengths
  • How to translate screenwriting skills to novelist craft
  • How to jump-start your novel-writing career
  • Specific topics include:
    • Isolating meaningful moments from the screenplay for the novel
    • Isolating pivotal scenes in each act
    • Isolating favorite scenes
    • World-building
    • Making scenes vivid, vibrant and immediate
    • Crafting a compelling story with engaging characters and evocative setting
    • Translating action and pace from screenplay to novel
    • The mechanics of reformulating script dialogue for the novel


  • Writers who want to use their affinity for film and screenwriting to demystify novel writing and novelization
  • Writers who wish to utilize their scriptwriting skills to novelize their stories, get read, and be taken seriously by Hollywood
  • Writers who want to expand their skill set to include novelization in addition to screenwriting
  • Writers who want to stay attached to their project and attract literary and film agents
  • Anyone who is currently considering whether to write a screenplay or novel
  • Writers who want to leverage both publishing and literary markets to advance their writing career
  • Writers who have a screenplay that doesn’t have a strong male lead in a contemporary action story but still want their story read and produced by Hollywood

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