Screenwriting Contests: How to Beat the Judge

Screenwriting Contests: How to Beat the Judge

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One of the best ways to get your name and your projects noticed in the industry is through winning a contest. But first you have to get through rounds of very stringent judges, so what is that those script judges are looking for? The answer, you will find, is not always intuitive. This OnDemand webinar will help you to gain the knowledge you will need to greatly increase your chances of winning.

Script consultant and screenwriting judge, Michael Lee, will be your guide through every step of the contest process. His years of experience and know-how qualifies him to give you tricks and tips along that way that will ensure your success.

Let Michael guide you through the process of submitting to a content before you ever write a script, and help you with what you should do after the results are in.


  • What you need to do BEFORE you submit to a contest
  • How to write an effective logline
  • What type of characters and dialogue contest judges look for
  • And, most importantly, what to do AFTER you win a contest!

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