Publish Your Children's or Teen Fiction in Today's Market Webinar

Publish Your Children's or Teen Fiction in Today's Market Webinar

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Children's books are today's hottest marketplace for fiction. Whether you want to write short picture books for the youngest readers, engaging middle-grade books for young tweens, or fantastic novels for teen readers, there are tips and tricks that you need to know before you can break in. Because children's books are so unique and specific—if you want to do them right, that is—this entire 90-minute webinar will be devoted to the art and craft of kid lit.

Successfully hooking an agent—and kid readers—with your writing takes voice, incredible characterization, and an exciting plot. In this market, you also need a commercial premise that'll immediately spark the imagination. Learn what each audience in children's books is looking for and how you can capitalize on these needs. You'll also learn how to make your project and pitch irresistible so you can take the next step toward publication.

What you'll learn:

  • The essential elements of books written for younger children, tweens, and teens
  • How your kid reader thinks about fiction and what they want
  • What agents and editors look for in terms of pitch, writing, and book premise
  • How to make your hook absolutely irresistible
  • What separates an aspiring writer from a contracted author in this field

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