Packaging Your Baby for Hollywood

Packaging Your Baby for Hollywood

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In a world full of noise, and fellow artists yelling “look at me,” Tom Sawyer will show you how to get past the gatekeepers of Hollywood, via brevity and punchiness. You will learn how to pique the interest of agents, producers, directors, and others with YOUR story and YOUR concept.

Tom will discuss the realities of the Film/TV business, the barriers faced by “outsiders,” and the challenges writers must deal with in trying to put their work in front of the people who make things happen. Learn how something as basic as conveying where “The Heat” is in your material, in as few words as possible, can be attention-grabbing.

Tom will help you get a handle on what it is you’re selling, and how to present it in ways that will make agents, producers, and directors want to see more.


  • The difference between the ‘business’ and the ‘game’ in Hollywood
  • How to write loglines that hook ‘em
  • How to put sizzle in your synopsis
  • The art of an effective film treatment
  • TV series concepts that work (and a few that don’t)
  • What sells and what doesn’t when writing TV series presentations
  • An approach to adaptation – the right mindset for turning your novel or idea into a screenplay


  • Writers who would like to break into the Film/TV Business
  • Writers who have written novels, plays, or short stories they’d like to pitch to Hollywood
  • Aspiring writers who’d like to learn about accessing the entertainment business
  • Writers in search of information from someone who’s been there, and succeeded

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