Outlining Your Movie: Internal vs. External Goals

Outlining Your Movie: Internal vs. External Goals

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Before you devote countless hours to writing your next screenplay, take time to test and develop the concept to save time in the long run! This tutorial shows screenwriters techniques to use when outlining stories that are character-centric and will drive readers to keep going until the last page. In the presentation, Timothy Cooper, expert writer and story consultant, discusses how to develop and test solid screenplay concepts.

Build a screenplay based on emotional connections to characters by uniting the internal and external goals of your protagonist!


  • The elements necessary to a solid screenplay concept
  • How to construct effective loglines
  • How to test and develop screenplay concepts
  • Demonstrates the stakes of not fulfilling the screenplay's goals
  • How to united internal and external goals

Timothy Michael Cooper is an award-winning writer and director based in Brooklyn. A former journalist, restaurant critic, and playwright, his focus is on finding life’s underdogs and giving them a voice. He is a proud member of the Writers Guild of America East, the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective Writers' Workshop, the Hollywood Radio and Television Society, and the WGAE Softball Team. Timothy is currently developing multiple pilots, features, podcasts, and video games with a variety of production companies.

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