Logline Master Class

Logline Master Class

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Let a logline master (Timothy Cooper, the creator of 365 Loglines), diagnose and improve your loglines! No matter what genre you're writing, every amazing script starts with a logline that describes an intriguing lead, a major obstacle, and a unique journey.

This master clinic on loglines will save you months of wasted time by cutting to the heart of what makes great movies great—awesome conflict, dramatic irony, and a totally original adventure. Too many writers waste time on the script itself early on—before they truly have a logline that's DISTINCT, SPECIFIC, and SURPRISING enough to be worthy of their time. Avoid that rookie mistake: Create a brand-new pitch that's uniquely thrilling, accessible, and marketable!

First, Timothy will teach you key principles by breaking down classic loglines from some of the greatest films (and highest-priced script sales) in recent history. 


After you take this master class, you'll know how to:

  • Simplify and clarify your idea for a gripping pitch
  • Brainstorm higher stakes, bigger goals, and stronger conflicts
  • Harness powerful, intriguing words to inspire and excite readers
  • Decide whether your concept is truly movie-worthy
  • Suggest a never-before-seen, epic journey for your lead
  • Pinpoint your hero's unusual weakness and/or want
  • Develop an antagonist with a powerful hook
  • Use concise language to give us maximum information as quickly as possible
  • Efficiently describe your idea, no matter how complex or “un-loglinable” you think it is
  • Offer just enough to make the reader ask for more!


  • Beginning writers hoping to crystallize a story they've always dreamed of writing
  • More experienced writers with a good script that's nonetheless failed to place in contests
  • Creators hoping to finally write that project that gets them noticed by agents and managers
  • Those in the brainstorming phase who want to build the most solid story foundation possible
  • Writers with a high-concept idea that isn't quite coming together yet
  • Anyone who's been working on a story forever, only to see it get increasingly bloated or confusing
  • Indie moviemakers whose current script is all message, no story
  • Frustrated screenwriters eager to break out of their rut and develop a highly sellable script!
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