How to Write and Sell Fantasy and Science Fiction Novels Webinar

How to Write and Sell Fantasy and Science Fiction Novels Webinar

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We here at Nelson Literary Agency are actively looking to expand our roster of science fiction & fantasy (both young adult and adult fiction) authors but frankly, the queries we receive in this genre could use some help. You might have built an incredibly complex world with rich characters, but if your pitch blurb doesn't accurately nail your story and the intriguing world you've created, chances are good agents aren't requesting sample pages. Our agency sees a ton of SF&F queries, for both YA and adult novels, and 90% of them sound completely generic. Don't join that crowd! We can teach you how to make your novel stand out.


  • How to compose your query: The top 10 reasons why most SF&F query letters fail
  • How NOT to start your story: The top 10 things that shouldn't open an SF&F novel
  • What agents and editors want: What agents and editors look for in terms of pitch, writing, and book premise
  • How to pitch: How to nail the story's hook, and nail the elements of your world-building in the short pitch paragraph

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