How to Plot and Write Your Screenplay in 30 Days

How to Plot and Write Your Screenplay in 30 Days

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Writing for discovery benefits creativity and, without a clear idea of where your story is taking you, can quickly lead you astray. Rather than for months wandering down dead-ends and dark alleyway, plot your story as your write. Learn the trick of writing from the beginning and plotting from the end. Follow a prescribed writing schedule to achieve a completed rough draft in a month.

Writing fast comes from a clear idea of where your story is taking you. The tighter your concept and plot, the faster your writing flows. The answers to what belongs at the beginning of the story and in every scene throughout the middle are all evident at the end. As the Plot Whisperer, Martha has helped demystify plot and writing concepts for thousands of writers. She’ll share what works with you.


  • How to visualize the end action of a story
  • Key turning points in every great story
  • Plot tips and tricks to stimulate brainstorming
  • The importance of a writing schedule
  • Using the plot to maximize your writing time
  • How to anticipate the what’s coming in your story and in the 30 days of writing


  • Writers who have started and stopped without ever reaching the end
  • Writers who wish to write a screenplay in a month
  • Writers with great ideas and little idea what to do with them
  • Writers who want to learn more about plot and character
  • Writers who need plot tips
  • Writers who benefit from a prescriptive writing schedule
  • Writers looking for plot and structure resources
  • Writers who want to give themselves a deadline

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