How to Develop an Individualized Marketing Plan for Your Scripts

How to Develop an Individualized Marketing Plan for Your Scripts

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There are many issues that agents and managers disagree on when it comes to marketing writers. However, most of them agree on one primary issue. Every writer cannot and should not market themselves by carbon copying any recently successful writers. Why not you ask? The reason is due to the fact that their own life circumstances, their personality, and their writing style and genre specialty are unique.

A writer can destroy a chance at success in selling, optioning, or being hired if they attempt to copy another writer’s marketing plan. Would you attempt to cook a dish a Chef-in-training with a flexible schedule has made perfectly? Or would you learn as much as possible from her and create a dish that can be squeezed in the limited time you have in your day to day life? If you create your own dish you just may be surprised what the result tastes and looks like. What if the dish turns out to be a steaming piece of garbage? You can make slight adjustments when you make the dish and try it again. Or you can create another entirely new dish. Either way you just may end up with the next “perfect” dish. This OnDemand webinar aims to create a dish piled with a serving of the best version of you to increase the chances of the result being a steaming hot plate of success!


  • How to create a marketing strategy to fit your current life circumstances
  • How to work through your marketing obstacles
  • How to adjust your marketing strategy
  • How to differentiate between genuine and pseudo success
  • How to use your negative energy to create amazing quality material
  • And more!!


  • Writers who are want to learn how to create and execute calculated risks to reach success
  • Writers who are not seeing acceptable results
  • Writers who are down on their luck and need a “breakthrough”
  • Writers who need agent or manager representation
  • Writers wanting to enter reputable contests
  • Writers who have read screenwriting books or took writing classes but still need help
  • Writers who are considering pitch fests
  • Serious not “hobby” writers
  • Writers who want to challenge themselves

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