How to Craft a Fabulous TV Script

How to Craft a Fabulous TV Script

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TV in on fire! To sell in this amazing market requires new skills. Originality counts. Learn from a creator who is selling right now in 2017 -- as he shows you the eight big questions he uses to shape his own TV stories during their creation. Whether you've got a 'bare 'lightbulb' idea, or a finished draft, you will learn how to shape and form vivid and original tv story.

You'll learn the form of hour and half hour TV, the ABCDEF form, how to create fabulous characters, vivid storylines, create suspense - all by learning from the very best examples of hit TV, including GAME OF THRONES, STRANGER THINGS. MR. ROBOT, SNEAKY PETE, SILICON VALLEY and more.

Peter Russell has sold two pilot scripts in 2017 -- one a crime procedural, the other a historical mini-series. He is also an award-winning teacher at UCLA and at his own website: Peter is a longtime Hollywood ghost writer who sells in today's market and can inspire you to do the same.


  • The most important difference between film and TV story.
  • Why creating a character's 'core wound' makes characters original and fascinating.
  • The (more complex) structure of great TV - both hour and half hour.
  • The 8 questions you ask during the whole writing process - at every step.
  • Converting your film idea to TV.
  • The rhythm and patterns of the act structures.
  • Why the TV story BEAT is critical - how to build one.
  • Creating storylines BEFORE you write your draft.
  • Building suspense into each scene and each act.


  • Writers moving from film to TV.
  • TV writers who need deep reworking of a draft.
  • Beginners who want to start smart.
  • Creators stuck on a second draft.
  • Producers who need to learn how to shape great TV story.
  • Editors learning to build deeper suspense.
  • Creators looking for secrets of structure in TV form.
  • Folks who want to learn hidden patterns in different TV genres.
  • Original writers who want to 'bend' or 'break' TV genre patterns.
  • Understand how TV mini-series differs from serials and procedurals.
  • Writers creating the 'anthology' series.

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