How to Break All the Screenwriting Rules and Still Win

How to Break All the Screenwriting Rules and Still Win

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During this 90-minute webinar we will examine the accepted “laws” of screenwriting, including story structure, set down by pundits like Syd Fields, Blake Snyder and others. The rules are there for a reason, so it is important to understand them. However, contemporary screenplays are shaking things up—and finding recognition for their innovations.

In this presentation, we will discover how up-and-coming screenwriters purposefully ignore those laws to their advantage, gaining success and acclaim in the process.

The webinar will be taught by Glenn M. Benest, award winning screenwriter and one of Los Angeles’ most popular instructors of screenwriting workshops.


  • A close study of non-traditional screenplays – how they split with the main stream, contributing to their success
  • Specific acceptable rules that lead to formulaic screenplays and low rates of success
  • How flashbacks and other “out-dated” techniques are making a big come-back
  • The advantages of having an unsympathetic protagonist
  • How you can toss 3 Act Structure on its ear and still have a tightly constructed story
  • Why downbeat endings can end up winning the day


  • Either beginning or advanced writers who are seeking a fresh approach to their craft
  • Screenwriters who want to learn the rules of screenwriting, so they can be effectively replaced
  • Writers who are attracted to a fresh approach to screenwriting
  • Screenwriters who want to break with tradition because their stories require it
  • Writers who want to learn more about acclaimed screenplays that defied conventional thinking
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