How to Become a Top Hollywood Script Reader

How to Become a Top Hollywood Script Reader

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You'd love to work in Hollywood. Becoming a script reader is the way many people get their first Hollywood job. If you already have a job in 'the Industry', would you like to rise? To really impress your boss by knowing how to read a script? To join the creative team?

There's no skill more important in Hollywood than knowing what makes a great script. None. Whether you're a writer, director, actor, producer or an assistant eager to rise in a production company, you truly cannot become successful without truly understanding the secrets of a great script. Lots of folks 'fake it till they make it' - hoping that they'll be taken under the wing of a successful producer who will show them 'the secrets' of a great script.

That's one way to do it -- but why wait? Peter Russell will show you precisely that - right now, in this class.

Story doctor and former long-time script reader Peter Russell (reader for Imagine, HBO, Viacom, CBS, Walden, and many more, and Teacher of the Year at UCLA in 2009 and Pepperdine Professor of Television) teaches you how to do what he did -- start his career in Hollywood by becoming a top script reader. He also outlines, in this class, the inside tips for getting a script reader job (who to e-mail, who NOT to talk to, and how to make your first approach).


  • The Five Elements of ALL great scripts
  • What 'Coverage' of a great (and a rotten) script looks like
  • What that chart box on the front of a Script Report really means
  • How To write the synopsis for your 'Coverage' & tips to do it quickly
  • How to write a great 'Logline' for a script - a big secret of good story
  • How to build an 'Audition' file of script coverage (that you can send to really impress a prospective)
  • How to actually apply for jobs - the secrets of getting your foot in the door


  • Anyone looking to break into the business
  • Producers looking to understand how great story works
  • Directors who want to understand how to tell great cinematic story
  • People already working 'below the line' in the Industry who feel stuck and want to move into the creative side
  • First time writers who wants to understand how to tell a brilliant commercial Hollywood story
  • Cinematographers who want to learn the emotional rhythm of the stories they are shooting
  • Experienced writers who want to deepen their craft

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