How Professional Writers Structure Their Scripts

How Professional Writers Structure Their Scripts

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If you read the scripts that are selling in this marketplace, you’ll quickly realize that they aren't following the same old tired rules and formulas. This is why agents and managers say that they can spot a popular paradigm script from a mile away. These scripts never succeed.

If you use a “this must happen by this page” approach you will almost always run into the following problems:

  • Your script will read like all of the other scripts that follow the same rules and therefore have little chance to stand out.
  • Your script will be predictable since the reader knows what specific plot points are going to happen on what specific page.
  • Your script will be populated by less-than-compelling characters that feel like puppets forced to say and do things in order to serve pre-ordained plot points.

Even worse, by conforming to a set of one-size-fits-all, paint-by-the-numbers rules, you tend to destroy what’s original, unique, and interesting about your script.

This webinar teaches you the specific tools and techniques professional writers use to create flexible, non-formulaic structure that supports what is unique and original about your story, characters, and writing.


  • How to create organic story structure
  • How to avoid the common structural mistakes that sink most scripts
  • Why most scripts run out of steam in the middle and what to do about this
  • The kinds of stories agents and managers are looking for
  • The best ways to outline your script


  • Writers who want real tools to make their scripts unique and desirable
  • Writers who are seeking an agent or a manager
  • Writers who are about to go out to the industry with a screenplay
  • Writers who have had their script rejected
  • Writers who are about to start a new screenplay
  • Writers who are about to rewrite their script
  • Anyone who is new to screenwriting and wants to start out on the right foot

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