How Do Editors and Agents Decide Webinar

How Do Editors and Agents Decide Webinar

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Why do some projects get picked out of the pile by agents and editors while most do not? It's because great books that catch the eyes of the pros are a combination of an excellent idea, excellent writing, and, in some cases, an excellent platform.

In this webinar, we discuss, in detail, the three-tiered approach that all publishers look at in evaluating potential books: the idea, the writing, and the platform. Writers will learn exactly what these terms mean, and the relative importance of each tier for different types of books. We discuss ways to evaluate your own project based on this structure, and how to improve whatever areas need help.


  • How to capture your book in a compelling hook that will draw the attention of agents and editors
  • How to determine if your rejections are less about your project and more about the marketplace
  • What is meant by the "competitive advantage" and how to know if you have it
  • How to make your writing shine—taking an idea and fleshing it out with voice, narrative, point-of-view, and structure
  • How to develop an attractive writer platform—connecting with other writers and individuals while making yourself a visible authority on a subject
  • How agents and editors quickly look over a project and decide if it has the necessary elements to make them request more
  • How to get your book published

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