History .....The New 'IT' Genre

History .....The New 'IT' Genre

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In Hollywood it has been suggested it is best to write first the narrative then the screenplay, whether it is a short story or a novel. This method usually results in the most creative and detailed screenplay. It is imperative that your history and writing grab your readers’ attention.

This OnDemand webinar covers the art and science of writing a researched, historical screenplay, novel, or other creative work:

• The “Science is in the Research”: Dr. Prescott will cover over 10 tactics on how to properly conduct historical research.

• “Art is in the Writing” of this research: Strategies to grab the reader’s attention through a historical lens will be covered.

• You will also learn how the development of characters and themes play a major role in historical writing.

As an academic researcher and educator for thirty years, as well as an author of a historical-fiction-mystery-series, Dr. Prescott has decades of historical fiction experience in both researching and writing.


  • What is historical fiction and what is not
  • The Science and Art of historical writing
  • How to recognize your historical context for the best results
  • 10 key ideas on how to conduct your research
  • How a writer directs readers just as a director directs what the audience sees in the movie
  • The Golden Rule of Researching
  • Three key techniques to embed history in your writing
  • Strategies in using characters to make history come ALIVE
  • The strategy of using the five senses to catch the readers’ interest immediately
  • How to identify themes to enhance your historical facts of interest


  • Writers who want to write a historical piece whether it be a screenplay, short story, novel, etc.
  • Writers who want to learn strategies to make history come ALIVE
  • Writers who struggle with where to begin in writing history
  • Writers who want to be published
  • Writers with writer's block
  • New or veteran writers who want to learn new strategies, reaffirm what they already know, and share ideas
  • Writers who want to learn how characters and themes enhance history in a piece of writing 

Dr. E.K. Prescott is an academic researcher and educator for thirty years, plus a published author of a historical-fiction-mystery-series. She has a lot of experience in both researching and writing in many genres. Her first historical novel won honorable mention form the Paris, Hollywood and New York 2013 book festivals. Dr. Prescott knows what it takes to investigate historical time periods, as well as writing techniques to capture the reality and mood of the time period.

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