History of the Sitcom

History of the Sitcom

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Every few years some pundit will solemnly announce “the death of the sitcom.” Every time the bell tolls for comedy, invariably, the very next season or the one after will see the emergence of some new, popular half-hour featuring amusing characters in an amusing situation saying amusing things. Yes, the form endures.

The sitcom has a rich history and certain themes and structures have been shown to be successful time and time again. Expert instructor, George Yanok, has had extensive experience writing and developing television pilots for both sitcom and long form programming. Nominated numerous times, he has won two EMMY’S and the Writers Guild of America Award.

Yanok’s episodic credits include “The Bob Newhart Show”, “Sanford & Son”. Welcome Back, Kotter”, “The Ted Knight Show” and series for Lynn Redgrave and Stockard Channing. Among the well-known performers he has worked with are Steve Martin, Lily Tomlin, Richard Pryor and The Smothers Brothers.

This 43-minute tutorial will:

  • Walk you through the development of the sitcom as a genre.
  • Analyze proven tropes that are common to successful sitcoms.
  • Show you how current successful sitcoms have borrowed from their forbearers.
  • How you can borrow from previous sitcoms to make your script great!

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