Ghost Writer: Breaking-In with The Supernatural Script

Ghost Writer: Breaking-In with The Supernatural Script

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Whether horror or romance, thriller or animation, supernatural tales are more popular than ever. And with over 40 percent of Americans who believe in ghosts and even more worldwide, supernatural stories have global appeal. One of the oldest and most well-tread genres, supernatural stories are making a comeback in everything from horror, to comedy, to “based on a true story” limited series. But what they all have in common is suspense and a compelling narrative that is as engaging as it is primal: what awaits us after we die?

This universal theme translates across world cinema and requires a screenwriter to be inventive and visionary when creating a believable universe that will suspend the audience’s disbelief while providing a unique twist to the age-old conundrum of whether there is such a thing as life-after-death. This OnDemand webinar will demystify how to write the supernatural script that will conjure Hollywood’s imagination and help scribes break on through to a successful writing career. 

Jon James Miller, award-winning screenwriter, novelist, and professional story editor, teaches how to write a supernatural story that comes alive through narrative techniques that will have readers questioning their preconceptions of the great beyond. Jon also shows how to remove unnecessary exposition and story details that slow a good supernatural script down. Best of all, you’ll learn how to take the old format “ghost story” and transform it into a modern-day supernatural tale that will make an audience believe in spirits!

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