Get Your Script Sold: Selling Strategies From Script to Greenlight

Get Your Script Sold: Selling Strategies From Script to Greenlight

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You’ve written a great script, but don't know the right people. How do you get read? How do you get your script sold? How do you get the meeting? What can you do to make yourself stand out? How can you separate yourself and your project from thousands of others? What can you do to keep your career moving forward?

This OnDemand webinar will help you understand ways to maximize exposure for your material by positioning your project in the most attention-grabbing manner. You will gain insight into buyers’ needs so that you can target the right markets for your material, increasing your chances of selling your project, and getting it made!


  • Current buying trends from inside the minds of Hollywood executives
  • What makes good content
  • Branding and marketing tools to sell your project
  • How to test if your project is market-ready
  • How to create buzz without over-doing it
  • Pitching tips and hints


  • Writers who have written a script and want to know what to do next
  • Writers that would like to have their script read, or would like a meeting with an agent or executive
  • Anyone seeking tips on how to make their script stand out above the rest
  • Writers that would like maximum exposure for their script and their writing career
  • Writers looking for the opportunity to ask specific questions and want help with their pitch
  • Writers, directors, and producers seeking an insider’s edge to sell their projects

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