From Presentation to Pilot to Series: Get Your Comedy on the Air, Cable, or Net

From Presentation to Pilot to Series: Get Your Comedy on the Air, Cable, or Net

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Comedy series are well thought-out worlds constructed to play out over 100 or more episodes.  In this webinar, Paul Chitlik will lead you through the process of creating a world, designing characters to populate it and coming up with stories to keep it vibrant and funny.

In 90 minutes, Paul will give you the tools to evaluate your concept, teach you how to construct stories from which to choose your pilot, discuss the two kinds of pilots and two types of leads, and how to go into a pitch with your first season laid out and ready to go.

Paul has written episodes for Amen, Perfect Strangers, Small Wonder, Who’s the Boss, Los Beltran and others as well as several pilots.  He also teaches sitcom writing at Loyola Marymount University.  He’s been nominated for a WGA award and a GLAAD Award.  He’s also won a Genesis Award for a TV movie. 


  • The one thing each central character must have.
  • The basic structure of classic sitcoms.
  • The new structures of network, cable, and net sitcoms.
  • How to populate your world with characters that break out of stereotypes.
  • The relationship between story, character, and laughs.
  • How to get to the emotional core that keeps people coming back to watch.


  • Writers who have a great concept or arena for a show, but need to know how to develop it.
  • Writers who “talk funny” but don’t seem to get it down on paper.
  • Writers who want to move from features or dramas to comedy.
  • Writers who have a great character and seek a story to match.
  • Writers who have script ideas but need help implementing them.
  • Writers who know story but need help to make their scripts funny.
  • Writers who work in the field and are ready to break out.
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