From Cozy to Carnage: An Agent Explains the Ins and Outs of Thriller/Mystery Writing

From Cozy to Carnage: An Agent Explains the Ins and Outs of Thriller/Mystery Writing

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In this 90-minute instructional video, you'll dive into the world of mysteries and thrillers with literary agent Barbara Poelle. Explore the subgenres of thrillers and mysteries and figure out where your story fits. You'll discover the type of query and introduction that can set you apart from others, tips on how to write a compelling story, and most importantly, how to pitch your mystery or thriller novel to a literary agent or acquisitions editor.

Whether your mystery novel or thriller is meant for young adults or not, you'll come away with techniques, devices, and the know-how to write a suspenseful, dynamic, and gripping tale that will hook readers from page one. 


  • The elements of a compelling story 
  • How to pitch your story to an agent and what they look for 
  • The essential elements of each subgenre 
  • The elements of a successful query letter and compelling hook 
  • How to distinguish your own work from similar stories flooding the marketplace 
  • About e-book and traditional publishing for thriller and mystery novels
  • You're planning on writing a mystery novel or thriller
  • You want to find out which subgenre your story idea fits best in
  • You're looking for examples of themes and trends seen in successful crime books
  • You are actively querying agents and publishers in both adult and YA markets
  • You are wondering why your work is getting rejected
  • You want to pitch your story's concept at a writers conference 
  • You write for adults but are thinking of trying a YA novel

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