Everyone Can Spot A Fake

Everyone Can Spot A Fake

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We can all spot a fake, right? The last thing you want is your audience becoming bored with your crime drama because your details lack the necessary authenticity to be believable. However, very few of us have the time, money or desire to spend years learning about forensic science. Jennifer Dornbush to the rescue! She’ll provide real-life examples from her years of working in the crime industry to help you write convincing scenes with forensic details that help move your plot forward. This how-to video includes the need-to-know basics for screenwriters of all levels.  

Learn how to write a cliché-free crime screenplay that pulls your audience into your story. Jennifer Dornbush will give you the crucial elements of crime scene investigations and tips for how to use them in your story. Learn how evidence can serve as a turning point in your story arc, why less is more in crime writing and why DNA should never be your case solver.

In this how-to video, you’ll learn:

  • How to use crime scene evidence to move your plot forward
  • The do’s and don’ts of using DNA as evidence in your story
  • How to successfully take your audience down dead end roads while keeping them intrigued
  • The art of writing characters that are convincing and endearing
  • Write circumstantial evidence into key areas of your plot to add layers of mystery

You’ll love this video if you want to:

  • Write a crime drama that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats
  • Ensure you’re covering every possible angle and writing a compelling script
  • Learn how to use new leads and discoveries as the minor, medium or major story turning points

From the first scene when the audience learns what was done and to whom to the very last line of script where justice is finally served, every detail must capture and keep your audience’s attention. In this must-have how-to video, you’ll find gems of knowledge to help you write a story that is plausible, authentic and exciting.

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